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Example Theology Dissertations

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FATA and NWFP Taliban India Security

The present ongoing conflict in Pakistan’s tribal belt and in Afghanistan has serious security implications for India. The Mehsuds, Wazirs and Afridis…

Most Influential Theologians

St. Thomas was born toward the end of 1226 and was born in Italy. St. Thomas was an Italian scholar and the most influential theologian in the Catholic…

Marriage and Holy Orders

Several individuals have been concerned with the understanding of the sacraments of holy matrimony and the holy orders in the church’s contemporary…

Theories of African Christian Ethics

Explain Western Ethics and evaluate the effect it has on our understanding of ethics. Underscore both the positives and negatives it has brought about…

Collective Memory in Homiletics

The debate about memory in contemporary theological disciplines has yet to reach the level of intensity evident within history and sociology and their…